Friday, January 30, 2004

Maps and area codes 

If I'm not careful, I'll end up spending hours poring over the nationalatlas.gov web site. Maps are just too fascinating for their own good, and not only can you look at various maps on this site, but you can also create your own maps! How can you not be excited?

Take a peek at the North American Numbering Plan Administration's (NANPA) database of U.S. area codes . NANPA manages the area codes. Find out more about NANPA on their home page.

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OpenURL Standard released for review by NISO 

The NISO stanadard Z39.88-200x "OpenURL Framework for Context-Sensitive Services" is currently being voted on (until March 10).

The abstract from the NISO website states:

"The proposed OpenURL standard is syntax to create web-transportable packages of metadata and/or identifiers about an information object. Such packages are at the core of context-sensitive or open link technology, which has recently become available in scholarly information systems. By standardizing the syntax, we will enable many other innovative user-specific services in this and other information fields."

Tuesday, January 27, 2004

New gift & exchange list 

A new gift and exchange discussion list, called GIFTEXCH, has been created at the University of

To sign up to the new list, please:

1. send an email to: giftexch-request@umich.edu
2. leave the subject line blank
3. in the body of message, type:
subscribe your first name and last name
(for example: subscribe Shixing Wen)

One of the issues I intend to discuss on the new list is the ethical issues related to library booksale. [They'll be discussing serials on this list, as well.] Anybody interested, please sign up.

Shixing Wen
Head of Exchange & Gift Section
University of Michigan Library

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