Friday, January 09, 2004

Power Point slides from the NELINET conference 

Links to the presentation slides from the day long NELINET conference in November, Serials Reloaded, have been put on NELINET's web site. Beware, some of the files are large!

Electronic Resources article 

From the latest issue of Computers in Libraries: The Many Facets of Managing Electronic Resources, by Marshall Breeding. This article is a good review of all the areas and vendors involved with providing access to electronic resources.

The main, and most interesting, point of the article highlights the fact that libraries can’t do everything they need to do related to electronic resources with just one system. Breeding’s vision is that “electronic resource management should be delivered through a set of interconnected modules that work together, sharing common data files or at least communicating with each other through open protocols.” That would be an interesting addition to current ILS systems, when you ponder it. However, since our current systems aren't truly integrated anyway (as far as my knowledge goes), maybe adding another module isn't a good idea. Something to ponder...

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Free access to OCLC publication 

For one week only, there will be FREE Full Text Access to the OCLC Systems & Services Journal.

Beginning on Monday (1/12/04) the full text of OCLC Systems & Services will be available free via Emerald's Journal of the Week program. Full text access begins with Vol. 10 No. 1 (1993) and continues through Vol. 19. No. 4 (2003). The latest issue is devoted to XML and electronic journals.

Seen at Resource Shelf

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