Thursday, October 30, 2003

Finding serials info on the web 

Trying to easily figure out what serial title is indexed where (and your institution doesn't subscribe to Serials Solutions or a similar service)? Maybe you're looking for free, internet-based serials in specific subject areas? Here are a few resources that will help you out:

From the Jake website:
"jake is a reference source which makes finding, managing, and linking online journals and journal articles easier for students, researchers, and librarians. jake does this by managing metadata about online resources with a database union list, title authority control, and linking tools, as well as making it easy to customize for a specific library's holdings.

Put simply: jake makes it easy to create software which uses information about journals and online journal products."

When I started working on reference desks, I used jake all the time, and patrons loved it too! It's quick and provides accurate and complete information. Thank you, Yale!

LC Lists of News & Periodical Resources on the Web
This page is a list of links to current news sources, newspapers and periodicals, as well as the "Other News and Hybrid Lists" section, which surprises me by its brevity. However, in this "Other News" section, you will find links to lists such as Omnivore, which is a nicely put together list of links to news sources worldwide.

I never really had an opportunity to use this resource, and after examining it for a bit, I'm really sorry about that. The purpose of NewJour is twofold: 1. to announce the publication and availability of new journal titles, both electronic and in print; 2. "an identification and road-mapping project for electronic journals and newsletters." I'm not sure if this includes e-zines as well, but a hunch tells me it doesn't.

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