Wednesday, October 01, 2003

Managing aggregator records at Oregon State U. 

From the Sept. issue of D-lib magazine: Aggregate Record Management in Three Clicks. The abstract states: "the Oregon State University (OSU) library developed an aggregate record management application, dubbed the ERW, that allows libraries to take multiple aggregator record sets and produce a single, de-duplicated data set containing custom MARC data defined by the individual library."

This is a really interesting sounding project that significantly reduced the amount of time technical services staff have to "touch" a record for an e-journal contained in an aggregator database. Patrons love it, but as the library has acquired more resources, difficulties have emerged with their system. Very interesting read.

The cost of scholarly journals and publisher mergers 

From Current Cites:

Susman, Thomas M., David J. Carter, and Ropes & Gray LLP, et. al.Publisher Mergers: A Consumer-Based Approach to Antitrust Analysis Washington, DC: Information Access Alliance, 2003. (http://www.informationaccess.org/WhitePaperV2Final.pdf). - This report discusses the critical importance of the wide dissemination of legal and research information, analyzes the skyrocketing cost of scholarly journals and its effect on libraries' ability to purchase these journals, examines the roles of publisher mergers in such price increases, and proposes new criteria for antitrust regulators to use in evaluating publisher mergers that are based on how libraries make collection development decisions. - CB

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