Tuesday, September 09, 2003

LITA Top Tech Trends 

Exciting find of the day!

Because so many of the programs I wanted to go to at ALA Annual this past summer were seemingly miles away from each other, I missed some things I really wanted to hear about, but the door was opened for programs I had never even planned on attending. The LITA Top Technology Trends 2003 is one of these programs. The room was packed, and a lot of information was given to the audience. It was a great way to be brought up to speed in areas I normally don't get to work with, like wireless technology and metasearch engines.

The strange thing is this web page though--you have to scroll over to read the entire text. I was surprised to see this on LITA's site.

Sunday, September 07, 2003

Some licensing resources 

These are two main resources I consulted with during the summer for to learn more about the issues surrounding the licensing of electronic resources in libraries. They were immensely helpful and made me familiar with an area I have never worked with before. As we all know, this is an incredibly challenging area, but if you enjoy haggling over the purchase price of something in general, I think you already have a relevant skill in dealing with publishers--stamina!

Liblicense-- A collection of documents developed by a team of librarians to assist all librarians who have the responsibility of reviewing and negotiating the license agreements for electronic resources for their institutions. The team is lead by Ann Okerson, Associate University Librarian at Yale, who is very well known in this area.

International Coalition of Library Consortia (ICOLC)--A respected project from Yale. From its website: "the Coalition serves primarily higher education institutions by facilitating discussion among consortia on issues of common interest"--the big issue being matters concerning electronic resources in libraries.

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