Tuesday, September 02, 2003

New issue of ALCTS Online  

From an email I just received:

The newest issue of the ALCTS Newsletter Online is now available on the ALCTS Web site at, click on the Newsletter logo.

In this issue:
--Reports from Annual Conference
--Award Recipients
--Next Steps for Interest Groups
--New ALCTS Web Site Policy
--Ellen Rappaport Memorial Resolution
--Metadata Task Force Seeks Comments
--Collection Management Survey Results
--2004 Midwinter Symposium Planned

When I went to the newsletter, not every topic appeared, but I believe our system also chose this minute to go a bit screwy.

In case you're curious... 

...here's a little info about me. I started this blog to get my gears churning again, as it were. In my current position, I've found it too easy to not keep up with what's going on in the wider world of serials, and I also needed a productive reason to be wandering around on the web.

Currently, I'm a cataloger at Princeton University, working on the retrospective conversion of serial analytics titles, which can be quite the challenge. I get to do other various serials-related things on occasion as well, which I enjoy as well. My interest with serials started when I was with the New York State Newspaper Project, and my goal is to work with current serials cataloging eventually (as opposed to recon).

I hope that through this outlet, I can provide information to other serials people as new as I am, and perhaps remind more experienced folk about things available on the web.

Aggregator-Neutral record web site update 

I was browsing throught the CONSER web site, and I noticed today that the "Record Creation and Modification" section of the Aggregator-Neutral record page was updated a few days ago. I haven't cataloged anything electronic for awhile now, but seeing the developments that have been made in this area make me eager to get back to that format. This type of record should be very useful to everyone, and keeping most of the local information in the holdings record will hopefully help our patrons.

However, most libraries will still maintain at least two different formats to display their holdings in the area of electronic journals (catalog record and web list), so the workload may not decrease, but maybe the intensity of some headaches will (catalog maintenance).

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